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APHA Poster Printing

Why Choose Us?

Why Should you order your APHA poster from us?

As the APHA Preferred Vendor for printing posters for over ten years, we have been able to provide the most convenient and greatest cost-saving opportunity for APHA poster presenters.

No other poster printing option is as convenient. Our pick-up location will again be immediately next to the APHA poster sessions in the exhibit hall. This will allow you the freedom to travel without your poster tube in hand and to have absolutely no chance of misplacing your poster while on your flight to Philadelphia, in a cab, at your hotel room, or attending an APHA workshop/seminar. We will hold on to your poster before and after your assigned session time so you will not have to lug your poster around at the conference. Whether you are ready to present your poster or ready to leave for the day, your poster will be waiting nearby for you!

The hassle-free convenience of using our service is not your only benefit. You will also save on the hidden expenses of shipping your poster to Philadelphia. If you were to have your poster printed and shipped to your hotel, you could see shipping costs that range from $20 to $50 and hotel receiving fees of $5 plus $25 per day for storage. This option could easily see an additional $100 or more of additional charges to what you initially expected. If you were to carry your poster on your flight, you could see the airline force you to check the poster tube as the length will most likely be over 22 inches (the common maximum carry-on length). Extra checked baggage fees can range from $20 to $100. Both of these options can easily add $100 or more to your expected poster costs.

Our poster prices (which are up to 30% less than FedEx Office) include ground shipping to APHA's Annual Meeting and storage before and after you present your poster. Also, we offer optional outbound shipping to any destination in the continental U.S. for $25. Our full service poster printing service allows you the convenience you hope for while attending an out of town meeting and gives you comfort of knowing that you will stay within budget by avoiding hidden costs that can arise.

Make your experience as a poster presenter as easy as possible and order your poster with us today! Enjoy fantastic customer service, easy order submission and alert poster proofing.

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